“Life is about creating and
living experiences that are
worth sharing.” Steve Jobs

My story

I was born in Poland in 1989, but it was when I was 19 that I finally found my true calling. My friend had showed me Google Analytics for the first time, and I loved it so much. At the time, I was studying at the Warsaw University & Poznan University of Economics. Slowly, I began to set aside other hobbies to work on my own website and learn about SEO. And that’s where my digital marketing journey began.

In those times, digital marketing was still in its early days and there were lots of tricks you could use to make easy money from Google. I didn’t know anyone who was as passionate about it as I was, so I had to start learning it all on my own. I started by testing out different SEO tricks with my own websites, and experimentation became my new friend. In 2009, I created my very first marketing strategy - a proud moment.

I learned a lot of black hat marketing tactics and powerful, useful tools. I still use my knowledge of black hat SEO today to discover dodgy techniques that my competitors could be using, and it’s one of my greatest advantages.

With lots of self-taught marketing experience under my belt, I began my professional career doing on-site audits for big brands and government websites. For a while, I also trained IT staff in smaller companies on technical aspects of SEO and the basics of Growth Hacking. These roles really improved my creativity and encouraged me to think from new and different perspectives.

A few years ago, I realised that as an IT guy, I needed more sun in my life. So I decided to move to Australia, where I became known as ‘Jerry’ and discovered my new favourite beach, Coogee. I also discovered a huge potential in cryptocurrency and blockchain - this fast growing industry seems to feel very exciting and full of new opportunities for me.

Today, I’m an experienced digital marketer, SEO expert, growth hacker, and cryptocurrency consultant. It’s my passion for all these things that drives me to do my best.

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