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    Audit Website
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    Before you buy that website, make sure it’s been thoroughly audited.

    Looking to buy website that’s been around for years? Not sure what you should be checking or taking into consideration when buying a website second-hand? Afraid of being scammed? I’ve got you.

    I can conduct a thorough audit of any website to make sure it’s worth every one of your pennies. What exactly would this audit entall?


    I can help you prepare a list of questions to send to the previous webmaster, then use my own online tools to check the accuracy of their results. This can help determine how trusty or reliable the previous website owner is,


    I’ll scan the website for any technical issues, check the history of the domain for any unusual activity, and do a rigid check of the entire service (this bit is boring so I’ll save you the detail)


    I’ve purchased a lot of websites in the past, and I know what loopholes and scams to watch out for. I’ll be here to support you throughout the entire process from beginning to end, ensuring that you purchase the rights to the entire website and its texts, images, and so on, and I’ll make sure you close the deal at the right price,


    Hosting transfer – If you’d like, I can also help you with moving the new website to your current hosting provider.

    There are too many people out there falling victim to online scammers and buying dodgy websites for more money than they’re worth. I’m here to make sure that new ebsite you’re interested in is worth your investment, and I’ll do what I can to support you every step of the way. Just use the form below to get in touch, and let’s talk websites.