14 Best Crypto Job and Career Sites

14 Best Crypto Job and Career Sites

Looking for a job in crypto or the blockchain? Don’t waste your time scrolling through general job boards. There are so many websites now dedicated purely to posting crypto and blockchain related jobs, so you can find the latest positions as they come.

We’ve scoured the net to find the most popular cryptocurrency job websites, so whether you’re a blockchain engineer, solidity dev, crypto expert, or content writer, you can easily find the latest opportunities.

1. Crypto Jobs List
Crypto Jobs List

Self-described #1 job board for blockchain-related jobs, Crypto Jobs List makes it easy to sort through different categories/specialties to find jobs in your particular niche. The way the board is displayed means you can see how many people have already looked and applied for a job, as well has how much cash is up for grabs. You can also easily search for remote positions only.

Visit: cryptojobslist.com

2. CryptoJobster

Refine your job search in the web3 space with CryptoJobster, your one-stop hub for AI-enhanced career matchmaking. CryptoJobster specializes in various roles, including design, engineering, finance, marketing, operations, nontech, product, sales, and support. By aggregating listings from diverse crypto job boards and industry-specific career portals, we maximize your opportunities to land the perfect role. Explore premier job openings in crypto, blockchain, and web3 from leading global companies, all in one convenient platform.

Visit: https://cryptojobster.com

3. Crypto.Jobs


Self-described as the #1 website for finding blockchain-related jobs, CryptoJobs is a community of over 4,000 crypto enthusiasts. The website is extremely simple and easy-to-use, with plenty of jobs posted frequently (at the time of writing there is 870 blockchain jobs). It’s free to post a job opportunity, and you can feature a post for $199, having it mentioned in the newsletter and tweeted on #GetCryptoJobs.

Visit: crypto.jobs

4. Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency jobs makes it easy to connect with startups using blockchain technology. A simple, clean design makes it easy to search for different niches (e.g. sales, finance, engineering, design), and it’s also easy to filter for remote jobs only. Posting a job on their website costs $199, and includes being shared on Twitter 6 times as well as being included in job alert emails. 25,000+ monthly job views it could be worth the investment.

Visit: cryptocurrencyjobs.co

5. Coinality


Coinality is a crypto job board that posts positions paying in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. If you’re looking to earn fiat currency, this isn’t the website for you, but jobs range from one-offs to full-time positions. The website itself isn’t as pretty or intuitive as some of the others, but it does the job. You can also browse through resumes to find a candidate for a position if you’re looking to hire.

Visit: coinality.com

6. Work In Crypto

work in crypto

Work in Crypto is a curated list of featured roles in the blockchain industry. The website sends out a weekly email with the latest job opportunities, and you can also flick through the homepage to view jobs as well (although we’re not sure if they’re the same ones being sent in the mailing list!) It’s easy to look through different job categories, and the website is extremely clean and simple. Almost too clean!

Visit: workincrypto.com

7. Indeed


Indeed is an extremely popular job board that posts all kinds of roles, but has a dedicated section for Crypto-related positions. It works the same as most other general job boards, and compared to the other job sites is a little clunky and messy to look at. There aren’t many roles posted either, but could be worthwhile to find that job that’s not on any other website.

Visit: indeed.com/q-Crypto-jobs.html

8. Crypto Recruit


Crypto Recruit is a specialised recruitment company that focuses on hiring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. If you’re looking for someone to do all the work for you, here it is. It’s easy to browse the latest positions in different specialisations and locations, and the website also allows you to view candidates if you’re hiring.

Visit: cryptorecruit.com

9. Crypto Job


Crypto Job is a recruitment platform for specialists within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Another place to go if you’re looking for someone else to do the work for you, Crypto Job has a number of positions available for different companies. The job board itself doesn’t offer much information and you have to click through to get more info on a role (like location and pay).

Visit: crypto-job.com

10. AngelList


AngelList has its own features that set it apart from the other blockchain job sites. Offering roles in tech & startups, there are 26,372 companies hiring on the website (which is a lot!) They also ensure you see your salary up-front, speak directly to hirers with no recruiters, and only have a visible profile for jobs you’ve applied for (so your boss doesn’t know you’re looking). There are tonnes of jobs here posted by lots of different companies, making it well worth a look.

Visit: angel.co/blockchains/jobs

11. Blocktribe


Blocktribe is another clean, simple, and intuitive platform that’s easy to scroll through and use. A smaller website than some of the others, it still has lots of jobs being added on a day-to-day basis making it worth a look. You can read some brief information about the role from the job board itself, saving you time clicking through to unsuitable positions, and you can also search by company as well as job.

Visit: blocktribe.com

12. SEEK


Yes, it’s Seek, a general job board, but it’s still well worth the look! The thing is, no one else is really looking for crypto jobs on Seek, are they? Having a search for ‘crypto’ on Seek brings up a few different positions, mostly in related industries, but still is worth a look (or at least a sign up to a Job Alert).

Visit: seek.com.au/crypto-jobs

13. Linkedin


Yes, another general job board, but you’d be silly not to have a look for cryptocurrency jobs on LinkedIn. At the time of writing, there are 3,094 blockchain-related jobs posted in the US only. LinkedIn Jobs has its own set of unique advantages, like seeing the profile of who’s hiring, an easy application process, and easy filtration of what jobs are on offer.

Visit: linkedin.com/jobs/blockchain-jobs

14. Upwork


The place to go if you’re looking for freelance crypto and blockchain work, Upwork is free to use, but you have to sign up to apply for jobs. Fill out your profile, and you can easily view tonnes of different freelance opportunities in different industries. If you’re looking to hire, you can use Upwork to outsource a freelancer to do the crypto work for you.

Visit: upwork.com/o/jobs/browse/skill/blockchain/

15. Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain Jobs connects users with startups, decentralised projects, and other large enterprises looking for blockchain experts. Just like Upwork, you sign up to the website and create a profile before accessing the available jobs and opportunities. Employers can also view your profile if they’re hiring. The website is small, but can be good to find obscure and smaller roles that aren’t posted elsewhere.

Visit: blockchainjobs.co

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14 Best Crypto Job and Career Sites

  • 14 Best Crypto Job and Career Sites