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    Penalty Removal

    You’ve been penalised by Google, now what?

    If your website has experienced a sudden drop in traffic and you’re not sure what the reason is, it’s highly possible that you’ve been penalised by Google. There are two major types of penalties that Google imposes on websites:

    • Filter – When you’ve received a filter penalty, your website rankings will drop dramatically, and
    • Ban – When your website is banned, it completely disappears from Google’s search results. And that’s no good at all.

    Why have I been penalised?

    Google penalises websites when they go against its guidelines. A common reason could be that your website has been hacked, you or your competitors have done some kind of link building, or you’ve made recent changes to your site that aren’t in line with Google’s guidelines. These guidelines are an important set of rules that outline what you can or can’t do to make your website rank on Google’s organic search results. If you try to get your website to rank by using the wrong strategies, then you’re likely to be penalised.

    What can I do for you?

    I’ve worked with countless website owners to help remove their Google penalties, and I can do the same for you.
    My Google penalty removal service includes:

    Website audit

    An onsite analysis of your website from both a technical and digital marketing perspective, including content audits. I will identify issues and advise on necessary changes;

    Google support

    After making changes, I will contact Google and request that they check the updates and remove the penalty.

    Backlink assessment

    I will conduct a backlink analysis to identify any harmful links, and disavow them;

    Post-penalty removal monitoring

    I won’t just stop there, but I’ll continuously monitor your website, rankings, and traffic to ensure you’re finally getting the improvements you were looking for;

    Google Search Console

    A thorough scan of Google Search Console to identify any issues that may exist with your website and rectifying them;

    If you’re worried about being kept in the dark throughout this entire process, don’t be. It all may be a little technical and difficult, but at the end of it all I will send you a summary with all the insights and changes I’ve implemented throughout the service. That way you won’t have to worry about suffering a penalty a second time, and you have the right tools and information to avoid a similar situation in
    the future.

    Reckon your website might have suffered a penalty? Not sure but just need someone to check?
    Fill in the form and I’ll be in touch with you with some questions, ready to get your website back on track again.