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    SEO Audit

    Without proper optimisation, your website will seriously struggle to rank highly on Google.

    Many business owners wonder why their website isn’t showing up on Google search results and want to know what it takes to get visibility. If you are not aware of how the ranking process works, Google has its own set of ever-changing rules that your website must adhere to. An algorithm takes into consideration how well your website sticks to these rules, and then assigns it a score. That score then determines how highly your website ranks on the search engine.

    If you want your website to rank highly on Google, you need to make sure it’s adhering to the ranking criteria and scoring well.

    That’s why an SEO audit is so important – it’ll help you identify where your website is missing the mark, and allow you to make the necessary changes to:

    Achieve better rankings,

    Help visitors to more easily navigate your site (that's right, we don't just optimise for Google's robots),

    Avoid getting penalised by Google.

    An SEO audit will make sure your website is running according to Google's standards, not experiencing any issues, and on its way to high rankings. Thats why you can focus on making other important business decisions in the meantime.

    What does an SEO audit include?

    So what exactly doeas an SEO audit involve?
    Here's basic rundown:

    • Identifying & correcting technical issues such as meta titles, descriptions, headings, and so on;
    • Creating internal links;
    • Assessing on-site content and ensuring it adheres to Google standards;
    • Working with redirects;
    • Competitor analysis, comparing your website to that of your biggest competitors;
    • Other SEO elements like implementing a sitemap, hreflang tag, submitting your website to the google search Console, installing SSL, etc.

    As I mentioned before, I’m not just about optimising your website for Google’s robots. My main focus is always theĀ user expeience, and all of the changes I make to your website will be with that in mind. I will ensure your website is easy for users to navigate, convinces them to utilise your services, and encourages them to visit again.

    Even if you running killer marketing campaigns, if your website isn’t optimised and running smoothly then you’ll suffer setbacks. Having an SEO audit performed on your site will allow you to have one less thing on your mind, so you can focus on creating more campaigns and leading more visitors to your site.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the service, have any questions, or would like to get in touch about having an SEO audit performed on your site, please leave your contact details below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can!